I got to get the obvious scene out of the way first, there's no way I can draw a Fallout set without involving Dogmeat.

I went ahead and started replaying Fallout 3 game of the Year edition heavily modified, that combined with the hype of the upcoming 4th game, makes me drop everything else, so I can draw more Fallout stuff. So you can expect more of this Naive Vault Dweller very soon.

Im playing as a busty female character very similar looking to this one, so I can get some inspiration out of Fallout 3. I may stream some where you can help me come up with potential scenes. Im currently thinking of doing something involving her visiting Little Lamplight or getting in trouble with Slavers.

What other dangers could the Wasteland have in store for her?

FYI, Did you want to play New Vegas with Pip Boy Icons based on my Vaul Girl design? A modder actually implemented his own customized versions of her into the game,