Heroes never die!

Brothers and Sisters of Shädbase, it is time, to get you involved once more. Its time for a call to arms, a new Contest!

The Draw Shädman Contest.

You may have seen this Shädman character around my site and my social media for a while now, and many of you have been doing awesome renditions of him.
Heres the original for reference.


Now its your chance to get creative with it. I want you to draw The Shädman character yourself, you can be creative with it, doesnt have to be
digital artwork, it can be anything from drawing it on a bathroom wall to carving it out of wood. Creativity and original portrayal will be rewarded over skill, like that, even if you dont know how to draw, you'll still have a chance of winning.

Here are the rules:

-No nudity, keep it sfw. I want to show all entries during a live Twitch stream, so the audience can help decide some of the winners, and I simply cannot include
dicks and assholes. (As much as I like them)

-No Swastikas, Even though the character wears a Naziesque uniform, I am not a nazi sympathizer, and don't want this contest to be riddled with swastikas. Use the Anarchy symbol on his armband instead.

- 1 entry per person, only your best

Here are the rewards, which will be sent to the winners once it ends.

- Shädmans Choice (my personal favorite) - 300 usd

- Audience Choice (the personal favorite of the people) - 300 usd

- Best Drawing (most skill and artistic care) - 200 usd

- Funniest Drawing (the one that makes us laugh the most) - 200 usd

- Most unusual (strange, unusual, unconventional but I like it)- 200 usd

(Close but no Cigar)
-Runner up 1 - 50usd
-Runner up 2 - 50usd
-Runner up 3 - 50usd

Deadline is July 31st, There will be after that date, discussing all the entries and we will decide the winners live.

You can send your entry via Twitter, Tumblr, facebook or post a link to it in the comment section here.
You can also try sending it to my solarowl.ru email (description: Shadman contest), but chances are I may miss it there, so if I don't respond, write a comment here, I try to read all of them)
Any questions, concerns, feel free to ask them in the comments here, or reach out to me on my various social media, you can even stop by in my streams and ask me there.

I will make a Forum thread where I will host all entries, so you can keep an eye on it, to see what gets submitted.

Go get em!